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Ukraine Declaration of Conformity

UkrSEPRO Certification. Ukraine Declaration of Conformity.

The Document Declaration of Conformity UkrSEPRO was introduced in 2010 to regulate the procedure whereby the manufacturer or the person authorized by him, on his own responsibility formally certifies that the production comply with the standards and requirements established by law.

UKRSepro Declaration of conformity and certification are the forms for verification conformity of production or services with established quality standards. The only difference between the two documents is that the certificate of conformity refers to the national normative documents and regulations, and the declaration of conformity refers to the rules that have been developed or adapted by European standards.

The conformity procedure which is carried out by the declaration, is used to determine the conformity of products with the established requirements, in accordance with technical regulations.

Technical regulation (techreglament) - is a Ukrainian law or normative-legal act adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which specify the features of the product or related processes and production methods, as well as service requirements, including the relevant provisions, the observance of which is mandatory. It may also contain requirements for terminology, symbols, packaging, marking and labeling, relating to a product, process or production method.

List of mandatory declaration of conformity of production is regulated by the law of the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy of 14th October 2010 No. 467.

UkrSEPRO declaration is valid with the mandatory certification and in exchange for it. If the product has been removed from the list of products subject to mandatory certification and requires a statement, the manufacturer may certify the products voluntarily.

The procedure for obtaining a declaration UkrSEPRO practically does not differ from product certification procedures. The only differences are the forms in which these documents are issued. The certificate of conformity is issued for a specific form, and the declaration does not has a specific form.

Declaration of Conformity must not only be certified by an accredited unit, but also by the manufacturer or his authorized person (the importer of the product).
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