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  4. Eurasian Economic Commission :The changes in the Goods Nomenclature for preparations for contact Senses.
Customs Union Certificate of State Registration for Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus


State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union: is a document confirming safety, as well as the conformity of the products (goods) with common standards, sanitary - epidemiological and hygienic, issued by the competent authorities, in particular Rospotrebnadzor Russia.

This document is a common form of document for Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). The rules for the State Registration of goods, and issue the Certificates of Registration of the State of production are specified. The decision regarding the rules of obtaining unified document, confirming safety of production (goods) and obligatory on the territory of the Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), without reducing the term of validity of the document.

Validity of the National Certificate of Registration is unlimited. The costs and time spent needed to obtain the certificate of state registration depends on the product, its composition, and laboratory test results as well as the technical documentation, product certifications and other factors. State registration certificate is issued for the following product groups:
  • Mineral water (natural, therapeutic, medical), bottled drinking water, packaged in containers (including for use in food for babies), alcoholic beverages, including products with low alcohol content, beer.
  • Specialized food products, including baby food, food for pregnant women and nursing, dietary products, food products for athletes (special foods), the biologically active food additives, raw materials for the production of biologically active food supplements, organic products. .
  • Food produced using genetically modified organisms, including genetically modified microorganisms. .
  • Food additives, complex food additives, flavors, flavoring extracts. .
  • Cosmetic products, measures for oral hygiene. .
  • Disinfectants, pest control (for use at home, in hospitals and other institutions, except for use in veterinary medicine). .
  • Household chemical goods. .
  • Hazardous, chemical and biological agents; produced on their basis which are potentially hazardous to humans (with the exception of drugs), the individual substances (compounds) of natural or synthetic origin which may be of a negative impact on human health and the environment while in the production, handling, transport, storage as well as at home. .
  • Materials, equipment, devices, and other technical means intended for use in the supply of drinking water. .
  • Personal hygiene for children and adults; articles intended for use by children under three years old: dishes and products used in nutrition, hygiene items for care of the child, clothing for children. .
  • Articles intended to come into contact with food (with the exception of crockery and cutlery, production equipment).

The list of documents required to obtain a Certificate of State Registration of Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan):

  • Application.
  • Copies of the documents according to which the product is manufactured (information on the composition, specifications, regulations, technical conditions) approved in accordance with the law of the party which took the state registration.
  • Certified copy of the safety and quality of product samples from the manufacturer.
  • Instructions, rules and guidelines on the use of the product
  • A certified copy of the label (package) or their mockup
  • Research protocols, expertise
  • The certificate of the presence of GMOs, Nano materials, pesticides, hormones
  • Sampling Act
  • Test results for compliance with international standards
  • Copies of documents confirming the delivery of samples of controlled goods into the customs territory of the Customs Union
  • Certified copies of documents confirming the free movement of goods in the country of manufacture
  • Copies of the registration documents of the applicant
No less than 2 pieces of samples must be submitted in retail package. In case of preparations originated from plant, additional sample of no less than 100 g. is needed for radiography. Original, certified in accordance with the law, documents should be submitted along with certified Russian translation.
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