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  2. Declaration of Conformity GOST
  3. Fire Safety Certificate
  4. Railway Transport Certification
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  2. UKRSepro Certificate
  3. Declaration of Conformity Ukraine
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  1. New Technical Regulations and EAC Mark of Conformity for Machinery Exports to Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.
  2. Published a list of packages that are subject to the declaration of conformity.
  3. Customs Union:new restrictions in the technical requirements on food.
  4. Eurasian Economic Commission :The changes in the Goods Nomenclature for preparations for contact Senses.
Expert Conclusion (SES) formerly known as Sanitary-Epidemiological certificate.

Expert Conclusion (SES) formerly known as Sanitary-Epidemiological certificate.

Expert Conclusion (SES): is a documents that replaced Sanitary-Epidemiological certificate. It can be issued to the manufacturer from Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) or to the foreign manufacturer or importer. Expertise must be issued on a special sheet, protected by hologram on both sides. In addition to the opinion clients may request an official letter from Audit Service of the Federation regarding- “Conformity of production with Unified sanitary Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)” Expertise includes:
  • Name of the goods, data;
  • Information about the manufacturer;
  • Product application area;
  • Terms of use;
  • Sanitary-hygiene characteristic of the goods;
  • Certification of conformity with production with Customs Union
  • Information about research facility
  • Information about the term of research and the term of issuance of the evaluation
  • Information about research commission, precise information on personnel conducting the research.
There are some differences in between those documents. Sanitary-Epidemiological certificate was issued for 5 years, the Expert Conclusion that replaced it – is issued without a date, it is issued for the duration of the contract or for a product. Expert Conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor is voluntary, which means that the manufacturer decides on his own if there is a need to obtain it for the products. In reality it is advised to obtain the EC as it might be required at the border by the customs office or while implementing the product to the market, when the questions of the quality arises.

It is necessary to present the Expert Conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor in case when the package was damaged during transportation; the product will be stored later on; when compromising information has appeared or inconsistent information between the product and documentation has occurred. Sometimes it is the Customs authorities require the manufacturer to have the document, basing it on inaccuracies or uncertainties. It rarely happens, because every major manufacturer who cares about efficiency of the process and the reputation, makes sure that this documentation is in place beforehand.

Expert Conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor includes the production which falls under sanitary-epidemiological control, that also includes.
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