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  3. Fire Safety Certificate
  4. Railway Transport Certification
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  1. New Technical Regulations and EAC Mark of Conformity for Machinery Exports to Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.
  2. Published a list of packages that are subject to the declaration of conformity.
  3. Customs Union:new restrictions in the technical requirements on food.
  4. Eurasian Economic Commission :The changes in the Goods Nomenclature for preparations for contact Senses.
Technical Regulations and EAC Mark of Conformity for Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.

New Technical Regulations and EAC Mark of Conformity for Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.

Compliance with technical regulations (TR), sanitary, veterinary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures are important requirement for exports of goods to the developing Customs Union (CU) of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. All products must comply with these regulations if they are to continue to reach traditional markets.

Products certified according to new rules will have to be labelled with Customs Union Mark of Conformity, called EurAsian Conformity Mark – EAC, before they are placed on the market of the Customs Union member states.

As of 1 March 2011, over 20 normative documents concerning TRs and SPS measures have been adopted by the Customs Union.

Products certified as conforming carry the Common Mark of Circulation of Products, which is a condition of free circulation in the Customs union.

Approved Technical Regulations CU EAC Mark:

On safety of railway rolling stock (Technical Regulations СU 001/2011) in force from 02-08-2014
On safety of high-speed railway transport (TR СU 002/2011) in force from 02-08-2014
On safety of railway transport infrastructure (TR СU 003/2011) in force from 02-08-2014
Low Voltage Equipment (Technical Regulations СU 004/2011- LVE) in force from 15-02-2013
Packaging (Technical Regulations СU 005/2011) in force from 01-07-2012
On safety of Pyrotechnic Products (ТR СU 006/2011) in force from 15-02-2012
Products for Children & Teenagers (ТR СU 007/2011) in force from 01-07-2012
Toys (Technical Regulations СU 008/2011) in force from 01-07-2012
Perfumes – Cosmetics (ТR СU 009/2011) in force from 01-07-2012
Safety of Machinery (ТR СU 010/2011 – Machinery) in force from 15-02-2013
Safety of Lifts (Technical Regulations СU 011/2011) in force from 15-02-2013
Safety of Equipment in “Ex Zones” (ТR СU 012/2011) in force from 15-02-2013
Gasoline (Technical Regulations СU 013/2011) in force from 31-12-2012
Safety of motor road (ТR СU 014/2011) in force from 15-02-2015
On safety of grain (Technical Regulations СU 015/2011) in force from 01-07-2013
Devices operating on gaseous fuel (ТR СU 016/2011) in force from 15-02-2013
Light industry products (ТR СU 017/2011) in force from 01-07-2012
On safety of wheeled vehicles (ТR СU 018/2011) in force from 01-01-2015
Safety of personal protective equipment (ТR СU 019/2011) in force from 01-06-2012
Electromagnetic compatibility (ТR СU 020/2011- EMC) in force from 15-02-2013
On safety of food products (ТR СU 021/2011) in force from 01-07-2013
Food products in terms of its marking (ТR СU 022/2011) in force from 01-07-2013
For juice products of fruits and vegetables (ТR СU 023/2011) in force from 01-07-2013
On oil and fat products (ТR СU 024/2011) in force from 01-07-2013
On safety of furniture (Technical Regulations СU 025/2012)
On safety of small crafts (Technical Regulations СU 026/2012)
On safety of certain types of specialized food products (ТR СU 027/2012)
On safety of explosives and products based on them (ТR СU 028/2012)
Technical Regulations for the safety of food additives (ТR СU 029/2012)
On requirements for lubricants, oils and special fluids (ТR СU 030/2012)
On safety of agricultural and forestry tractors (ТR СU 031/2012)
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