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  4. Eurasian Economic Commission :The changes in the Goods Nomenclature for preparations for contact Senses.
eurasian conformity mark

Eurasian Conformity Mark EAC

The EAC mark confirms the compliance of products / products with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Products that are to be placed on the market of the Customs Union for the first time are subject to conformity assessment in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union in the form of an EAC certificate or declaration.

If the conformity check is successful, the products must bear the EAC conformity mark. EAC stands for Euroasian Conformity and is very similar to the European CE marking. The EAC label is necessary to inform consumers and the supervisory authorities of the Celenj Union that the products comply with the safety requirements and technical regulations and that all necessary tests have been carried out.

The Unified Mark (ЕАС) certifies that the product has passed all the specified conformity verification procedures in the technical regulations of the Customs Union, which is confirmed by the documents attached to the relevant conformity assessment forms under the customs union.

The image of the unified mark of rotation for the EAC product is a combination of three stylized letters E, A and C graphically represented using right angles, of the same length and width, and with the exact proportions of a square against the light, contrasting background. Procedure and rules for applying for a unified mark: Manufacturers and suppliers use the EAC mark to label their products. The dimensions of the standardized trade marks are specified by the manufacturer (supplier) authorized to use them. Its basic size is at least 5 mm. The dimensions of the unified mark of rotation must ensure that the elements are accurate and visible to the naked eye against a common colored background of the object. The uniform mark of rotation may be made in any way that ensures that it is clearly and accurately visible on the product label. The image of the unified trade mark should be single in color and in contrast to the color of the surface to the label. The product, tare (packaging) or documentation should be marked with a unified turnover mark, as defined in the technical regulations of the Customs Union.
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