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Explosion Proof Certification for Customs Union

Explosion Proof Certification for Customs Union Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.

Explosion Certificate or Certificate of conformity to explosion-proof equipment - confirms compliance with the standards in force in the category of explosion.

Each explosion-proof unit is subjected to mandatory certification in accordance to explosion standards. Connecting parts of the explosion proof device are subjected to certification. These are the elements that are used to ignite the device, and the ones intended to use in hazardous areas. Explosion certificate is a guarantee that the threat of the explosion of the product is minimal. Such a guarantee has to protect human life and health, the environment and property.

This certification precedes several stages of research. First of all, the ability of the product to ignite and explode and then the effects of the explosion of the product on humans. Hazardous products are classified according to the level of danger, the possibility of an explosion, and operating environment.

The production, that needs to have Explosion Proof Certification for Customs Union, may only be used in regions that are described in the classifiers attached to the Class explosion. For example, electronic equipment that may cause explosion or ignite fire, must have Explosion Proof Certification. Not only electronic equipment is subjected to such certification, but also the electronic components that enter the composition of the systems, which can be a source of fire or explosion. These are the so-called ex-elements.

Products that are subjected to Explosion Certificate include equipment that come in contact with electricity, ex-elements and those that consist of one or more elements that may create hazardous situation in gas saturated environment.

Gas saturated environment is considered to be most vulnerable to explosion. Equipment that is usually subjected to Explosion Certificate has to have Fire Safety Certificate.
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