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  2. Declaration of Conformity GOST
  3. Fire Safety Certificate
  4. Railway Transport Certification
  1. Hygienic Certificate
  2. UKRSepro Certificate
  3. Declaration of Conformity Ukraine
  1. GOST-K Certificate
  1. Belgis Certificate
  1. New Technical Regulations and EAC Mark of Conformity for Machinery Exports to Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.
  2. Published a list of packages that are subject to the declaration of conformity.
  3. Customs Union:new restrictions in the technical requirements on food.
  4. Eurasian Economic Commission :The changes in the Goods Nomenclature for preparations for contact Senses.
Declaration of conformity GOST-R.

Declaration of conformity GOST-R.

GOST-R Declarations are virtually indistinguishable from the GOST-R certificate, they require the same documents, in appropriate cases, it is necessary to visit the company.

The only significant difference being that in obtaining GOST-R certificate responsibility for security bears issuing authority, in the case of the declaration - the applicant. Declaration of conformity GOST-R is required confirmation that the product meets the requirements of one or more GOST’s. This document is issued on the basis of the Decision of the Government of Russia No. 982 of 01.12.2009, which has adopted a list of products whose compliance must be confirmed by the adoption of the declaration of conformity GOST. In practice, entrepreneurs are often applying to get volunteer GOST-R certificate along with Declaration, as the biggest firms require the certificate. Many people think that if a product is not on the list of products subject to mandatory certification, there is no need to apply for any documentation. Keep in mind that prior to obtaining GOST-R certificate, the declaration of conformity is required, and many products require the Declaration but not the Certificate. Declaration GOST-R consists of the Russian customer data (entity registered in the territory of Russia) and the manufacturer's data products. The declaration is often hand-written document on an ordinary sheet of A4 paper, no watermarks or other security, signed by the appropriate certifying body. The very process of compliance with GOST-R- after the adoption of the declaration, you have to register it in the appropriate certification body that will give the serial number-from that moment the producer or importer can mark their production, as “in accordance with GOST-R”. There are two ways to obtain a declaration - based on your own evidence that the product complies with the standards GOST-R - based on your own evidence, supported by the participation of the certifying and / or research laboratory.
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