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Ukraine Declaration of Conformity

UkrSEPRO Certification. Hygiene Certificate Ukraine.

Sanitary and epidemiological application of the Ministry of Health, in other words Hygiene certificate is an official confirmation of compliance with the standards of production in Ukraine. Hygiene certificate is a guarantee for the security of life, health of the consumers and the environment. In addition, sanitary and epidemiological application is often required for certification of the production according to the UkrSEPRO standards. Hygienic Certificate is issued on the basis of the Decision by Sanitary and Epidemiological Studies No. 05.03.02-03/52400 of 12/27/2004, and is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On securing the sanitary safety of the population."

The production, which is subjected to certification in sanitary-epidemiological terms, has to be subjected to sanitary studies ,after that Hygiene Certificate may be issued. Hygiene Certificate is issued after samples were examined by specialized, accredited laboratories of the Ministry of Health. The conclusion of the experts is issued in the form of research protocol, which is the basis for issuance of Hygiene Certificate . Most of the everyday products are subject to mandatory sanitary-epidemiological certification. Lack of the certificate when exporting production, threatens with huge fines.

In addition, consumers in Ukraine, like the citizens of Western countries care about the quality of the produce purchased by them, and choose the one with the documented proof of compliance with sanitary-epidemiological norms.

There are 3 types of Hygiene Certificate Ukraine:
  • Production
  • Type of business (manufacturing, sale, etc.)
  • Specifications of the contract The certificate is issued with a validity period of 1 to 5 years depending on the type of production, supporting documents, etc.
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