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Railway Transport Certification Register Russia

Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport.

Obtaining the certificate of the Federal Budgetary Organization "Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport" (FBO "RC FRT") is not so easy. This is due to the fact that the Federal Budgetary Organization requires from the applicant for the certification a lot of documents and to meet a lot of strict conditions. Any inconsistencies in the documents may be cause of refusal.

Certificate of conformity with safety standards of the FBO "RC FRT" may be obligatory or voluntary when the final customer needs a guarantee of the highest quality of production, used in the rail industry (for example, debris, railroad car and spare parts for locomotives).

Nowadays, the certification of products for the rail industry not only meets the requirements of government agencies. This certification is the active promotion of products on the market and obtaining the trust of customers. Possession of those certificates and certificates of conformity has positive impact on the image of the manufactures and increases its marketing capabilities.

The main steps of certification:
  • identification the object of the certification and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • submission of an application to the Federal Budgetary Organization, examining it and issuing a decision;
  • selection of the test samples;
  • carry out tests;
  • acquisition and analysis protocols of certification tests;
  • preparation of a complete application;
  • carry out the standard checks;
  • issuing the Certificate of conformity and permission for using of the mark of conformity.
Each step of the certification has its own characteristics, related to the fact that works include a wide range of activities that are carried out by many people from different departments and organizations.

The subject of certification in Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport are:
  • goods of the rail transport;
  • management of quality and production;
  • goods for repair technical measures of the rail transport;
  • services provided in relation to transport of goods by rail;
  • services provided to the rail passengers;
  • software used in the rail transport;
  • environmental management system;
  • measuring instruments and equipment for diagnostics tests, which do not require dismantling or work stoppage, used in rail transport.
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