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Published a list of packages that are subject to the declaration of conformity.

T22 March 2013 was officially declared a decision of the College of the Eurasian Economic Commission: About the list of products, which require the submission of a customs declaration documents attesting to compliance with the technical requirements of the Custom Union: About safety of package. (ТР ТС 005/2011). The document is valid from 21 April 2013.

In the approved list of materials to package was adopted only one form guarantee of security – the declaration of conformity. The list contents types of package and materials for packing and their nomenclatures in accordance with the technical regulations of the Custom Union.

The decision applies to materials for packing food, agricultural, perfumery-cosmetic, production for daily use (including light industrial), toys, household chemistry and paints. Previously used packages are not subject to the declaration of conformity.

The list of packages, which require declaration of conformity, includes:
  • metal packages (cans, drums, jars, bottles etc.);
  • plastic packages (cups, bottles, boxes, bags, cases etc.);
  • paper and cardboard packages (boxes, packs, trays, wrapping papers etc.);
  • glass packages (bottles, vials, cans etc.);
  • packages made of composite materials (tubes, aprons, cups, packaging and label materials etc.);
  • wood packages (boxes, barrels, kegs, tubs etc.);
  • ceramic packages (bottles, cans, barrels etc.);
  • packages made of textile materials (bags, containers etc.).
A declaration of conformity with the technical requirements of the Custom Union is also involved in the production of packages:
  • metal (stoppers, lids, caps etc.);
  • cortical (plugs, gaskets etc.);
  • polymer (valves, feeders, surge etc.);
  • combined materials (cork-lids, caps etc.);
  • cardboard (cover, gaskets etc.).
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