1. Certificate GOST-R
  2. Declaration of Conformity GOST
  3. Fire Safety Certificate
  4. Railway Transport Certification
  1. Hygienic Certificate
  2. UKRSepro Certificate
  3. Declaration of Conformity Ukraine
  1. GOST-K Certificate
  1. Belgis Certificate
  1. New Technical Regulations and EAC Mark of Conformity for Machinery Exports to Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.
  2. Published a list of packages that are subject to the declaration of conformity.
  3. Customs Union:new restrictions in the technical requirements on food.
  4. Eurasian Economic Commission :The changes in the Goods Nomenclature for preparations for contact Senses.

What is GOST R Certificate?

GOST R certificate is a document certifying that the product is made in accordance with the applicable standards of the Russian Federation . Similar GOST K and GOST B ( Kazakhstan and Belarus)

We have valid certificates (issued in accordance with the former GOSTR), how long are they going to be valid?

The validity of nearly all serial certificates issued before February 14th,2013 is shortened toMarch 15th,2015. There is an exception, namelythe certificates for products which are not governed by the Technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Is it possible to extend the validity of existing certificates?

In view of the legislation changes, the validity of certificates issued before February 14th ,2013 cannot be extended.

What must be arranged to replace existing certificates?

15.3.2013 the new Technical Regulations (“Reglements”) have come into force for the Customs Union comprising RF, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Therefore, most products fall under the TR TS Technical Regulations (“Reglements”). The procedure forobtaining a new certificate is similar to the procedure for obtaining the GOST R, GOST B and GOST K.

So the original norms GOST R, GOST B a GOST K are expiring and we won’t be seeing them in future?

The well-known GOSTs, with which we have been working up till now, retain their validity, however, only for a limited number of products which are specifically defined in the new regulation.

Why certification?

Certificates or declarations of conformity are the necessary documents for the export of goods to the EU Customs Union and in many cases, documents required to start operation in the countries of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation , Kazakhstan and Belarus. Certificates also have a marketing value , because they are proof that your products meet the standards adopted in the Russian Federation , Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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